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Since 2000, Steven Ward and Ximena Elgueda have been working on numerous outdoor art projects involving earth/clay, people and time. These projects are social sculptures, with a focus on how a community works together over a period of time to construct a space for public use. These projects all begin with a physical place. Previous sites have ranged from a public park and a university campus to a 100 year old home turned artist residency. Each site’s specific characteristics, both geologic and social, offer key insights into how the ultimate form takes shape.

Most notable to date has been "The Mountain Plaza", or 山の広場 (Yama No Hiroba in Japanese) in central main island Japan. Over the past 16 years this site has been developed into an amphitheater and surrounding park. Ximena and Steven continue with their work on this project. The artists’ goal has been to create works of art of spatial experience without charging viewing fees. All of the costs are overcome by the artists independent income, donated equipment, recycled materials and community networks.

Past events

Saturday, July 08, 2017
9 participants
Aichi 愛知県知多郡美浜町布土菅苅108-1 International Contemporary Art Event I Dreams & Other Nocturnal Stories at The Mountain Plaza 第1回 山の広場 現代美術イベント ~音・光・映像からなる芸術~
Sunday, October 23, 2016
4 participants
Aichi 愛知県知多郡美浜町布土菅苅108-1 Grand Opening of The Mountain Plaza / 山の広場